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Album 14 TP Suraiya Soomoro Download mp3 Songs

Aj Na Jani Tokhe
Be Qadra Barbad Kare Wain
Bhali Kare Aayn Matha
Dadho Dukhyo Thendy
Dil Tokhe Daiye The Chadian
Hin Paare Waare Ja Kam
Maron Aahen Toon Lakhan Jo
Muhnji Akhian Me Gorha
Naoon Pyar Aahe
Phitho Bhaag Munjho
Roi Roi Raat Saji
Sacho Pyar Jin Kay
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Song 1 Aj Na Jani Tokhe Song 2 Be Qadra Barbad Kare Wain Song 3 Bhali Kare Aayn Matha Song 4 Dadho Dukhyo Thendy Song 5 Dil Tokhe Daiye The Chadian Song 6 Hin Paare Waare Ja Kam Song 7 Maron Aahen Toon Lakhan Jo Song 8 Muhnji Akhian Me Gorha Song 9 Naoon Pyar Aahe Song 10 Phitho Bhaag Munjho Song 11 Roi Roi Raat Saji Song 12 Sacho Pyar Jin Kay

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